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Welcome to Apocalypse, Ed Macks site of all evil err.. StarTopia, yeah thats what I meant to say. No evil here, no evil at all in any way possible...

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18th May, 2005 Mucky is now long dead - I heard about it on the day, and am finally putting into words what I feel that I must.

I still feel deep saddness about the loss of Muckyfoot. Writing this does make me tearfull - And I want to admit that on this obscure little piece of the web. Not only because Startopia is a vivid memory from my growing up, but because the company was so vibrant and well-humoured. Everyone there were experts and it showed in the work. It showed. Startopia contained an excellent universe to explore, brilliant sound & music, graphics that still look very pretty today and was excellent fun to play. It got raving reviews. We all deeply loved it, and loved modifying it too. Edios didn't tell anyone the game even existed. What was a triumph of technology and gameplay was relegated to the bargin bins - and it could have grossed an awful lot for the publishers. This feels to me like a hideous misjustice, but that wont change anything. Muckyfoot died, and it's merry men disbanded. I just want mucky to be there again.

The whole sickening experience resounds a choord within me - for it's my dream (and utter determination) to work in the games industry programming graphics engines and Ai. Is this the state of innovation in the UK? The industry? Is this what happens to the best because they are not pumping out football manager licences and remakes? The all heralded 'HD Era'. pah. Will there be any spark left when I am freed into workdom?.

I really hope to meet some of the Mucky super-squad sometime. TomF and Jan keep poping up giving talks and writing articles (gp gems), so hopefully some day I can stalk one down, in true fan-from-hell style.

Thanks for reading - I hope someone with the same feelings reads this. If you havn't played StarTopia, pick it up for virtually nothing (if you like sims/god-games you cannot fail to like it).

This is now an archive, and very unlikly to get updated. There is a link at the bottom to return to the main page.

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